Depending on the components installed, type of use, and quality of maintenance, your lifts, escalators, moving walkways and facade access systems should work reliably for a minimum of twenty years.

Modernization can become necessary when a normal period of use comes to an end, with a change in intended use, or with systems which have been troublesome from the beginning.

What kind of modernization work is required?

  • We evaluate your existing system, advise you in a company-neutral manner and develop the appropriate modernization concept for you.
  • We compare and evaluate tender offers.
  • We supervise the implimentation.

Our goal is to ensure that, after modernization, your systems will provide safe and trouble-free service for many years to come.

Before and After Comparison (as-built drawing - replacement)

Our Services for Lifts, Escalators, Moving Walkways and Facade Access Systems in Existing Buildings:

  • On-site evaluation and documentation of the results
  • Check of technical facilies
  • Check of maintenance status and contracts
  • Statement of required refurbishment or modernization
  • Comparison of modernization and complete replacement with effect on maintenance costs
  • Compilation of specifications
  • Contract negotiations or participation in the contract negotiations
  • Construction supervision for quality assurance
  • Examination of the performance with respect to proper contract fulfilment
  • Facility management services for lifts