Our goal is the best solution for our clients!

  • We are independent of manufacturers and organisations.
  • We maintain strict neutrality towards all manufacturers.
  • We are paid only by our clients.

How it all began ...

As as sales engineer for lifts, it was my task to advise clients and sell lifts.

There were no special consulting engineers for lift technology in Germany at that time. This meant that planning usually took place at manufacturing firms or by consulting engineers outside of the field. In my role of salesman at a manufacturing company  I often took on the work of the consulting engineers. My "advice" encompassed planning, compiling the specifications and the assessment of offers. I did not believe this was correct behaviour towards the client. When a client commissions a Consulting Engineer with a task, he has a right to neutrality. Firms that want and need to sell are not neutral.

This was my reason why I decided to become a self-employed, neutral and independent Consulting Engineer for Lift Technology in 1972.

Hans M. Jappsen


  • 1972  Hans M. Jappsen start. his work as self-employed Consulting Engineer for Lifts.
  • 1973  Founding of Jappsen + Stangier GbR togeher with Günther Stangier
  • 1991  Separation of Jappsen + Stangier GbR into two independent companies,
    Jappsen + Stangier Oberwesel GmbH and Jappsen + Stangier Mülheim GmbH
  • 1993  Founding of Jappsen + Stangier Berlin GmbH and Jappsen + Stangier Süd GmbH as subsidiary companies of Jappsen + Stangier Oberwesel GmbH
  • 2005  The name Stangier is no longer part of the companies names. The companies operate under the names of Jappsen Ingenieure Oberwesel GmbH, Jappsen Ingenieure Berlin GmbH und Jappsen Ingenieure Süd GmbH.
  • 2011  Closing of Jappsen Ingenieure Süd GmbH
  • 2012  Merging of Jappsen Ingenieure Oberwesel GmbH and Jappsen Ingenieure Berlin GmbH to Jappsen Ingenieure GmbH with Hans M. Jappsen as sole shareholder
  • 2017  Managing Director Frank Fink comes forward as partner of Jappsen Ingenieure GmbH.