Escalators / Moving Walkways

For buildings with a high volume of passenger traffic escalators and moving walkways are an important means of transportation.

These systems have to be appropriately dimensioned and installed, especially for airports, exhibition buildings, railway stations and shopping centers.

Good quality ensures high availabilty and safety.

Our Services for Escalators / Moving Walkways:

  • Development and optimization of escalator concepts
  • Compilation of specifications
  • Comparison and evaluation of tender offers
  • Contract negotiations or participation in the contract negotiations
  • Participation in the allocation of tenders and compilation of specifications (initialled)
  • Assessment of the specification documents of the manufacturer
  • Construction supervision for quality assurance
  • Examination of the performance with respect to proper contract fulfilment

More Services for Escalators / Moving Walkways in Existing Buildings:

  • On-site evaluation and documentation of the results
  • Check of maintenance status and contracts
  • Statement of required refurbishment or modernization
  • Comparison of modernization and complete replacement with effect on maintenance costs